Kemal Bozoglu explained: Funda Arar will meet with his fans at Cratos Premium Hotel in Girne, Cyprus on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Kemal Bozoglu explained: Funda Arar will meet with his fans at Cratos Premium Hotel in Girne, Cyprus on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Funda Arar; The album “Aşkın Masum Çocuklarını” (“Everybody is Gibisin”) by Nazım Hikmet and later by Cem Karaca was published in 2011 by Funda Arar, who also included his own song “Sevdiklerim” in the same album. The innocent children of Aşkın entered into the top five best-selling albums of the year. They met with fans of albums concerts as well as concept concerts, and created repertoire with classical songs in Turkish music at the project concerts given at Kuruçeşme Arena and Harbiye Open-Air Theater. After the album of innocent children of love, Silent Cinema was published with the label of Emre Grafson Music in 2012. In this album, the artist has worked with musicians such as Febyo Taşel, star Tilbe, Niran Ünsal and Onur Baştürk. In 2013, Enbe Orchestra accompanied the artist with a single named “Memory” and in February 2015 the artist named “Hoşgeldin” in DMC production and the song “Life’s Account” was selected as the exit song and the song was clipped under the direction of Nihat Odabaşı. In the past, “How Many Glass Breaks” performed by Muslum Gürses, “Ben Tabiki” performed by Umit Sayın and “Şarkılasuz Aşkın Aşk” performed by Levent Yüksel have been re-released in the same album. Albümün’s music director and most of his songs were made by his wife Febyo Taşel, who is a musician like himself. Funda Arar will meet with his fans at Cratos Premium Hotel in Girne, Cyprus on Saturday, January 28, 2017. You can come to Cratos Premium Hotel, run by businessmen Murat Bozoğlu and Kemal Bozoğlu, in Tbiszon, where you can have an enjoyable atmosphere in 2017.

The important settlements of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are the capital Nicosia, Girne, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Iskele.
You can come to Cratos Premium Hotel – Casino – Port – Spa, which is one of the most beautiful coasts of Girne city of TRNC and you can watch concerts of famous artists.

The 246 standard rooms of the Cratos Premium Hotel, coordinated by Cetin Sel, have a double bed and a twin bed (two separate beds).

Poolside Club Standard rooms are also suitable for enjoying spectacular views and comfort.

Las Vegas-specific showcases on the exclusive scene, direct access to the Casino from the King Suites, VIP playrooms where you can play comfortably, a few of the privileges Cratos Premium brings to the island as coordinator of Cetin Sel.

Beach Club, different disco, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment are all for you, all in Port Cratos.
Golden Cage, Jungle, Mey Blue, Mad, La Plage, La Matta, Ocakbasi Restaurant Port Cratos’ tastes and entertainment peaks.

While resting your body and mind and making you feel the unique feeling of renovation, Cratos Premium Spa keeps you up to date with Far Eastern massages and classic massage practices applied by local and foreign expert massage therapists.

Eden Main Restaurant: Breakfast is served from 07:00 to 10:00, lunch from 12.30 to 14.30, dinner from 19:00 to 21:30. The most exquisite tastes of international cuisine and light meals are served as open buffet for guests. Late breakfast is between 10:00 and 10:30.

Port Cratos: Mey Blue fish restaurant in Port Cratos.

Susa Patisserie: Pastry orders can also be given for special day celebrations at Susa Patisserie, which is open from 09:30 to 24:00.

Segafredo Cafe: It serves between 10.00-24: 00 hours.

Terrace Bar: Terrace serves between 10: 00-24: 00 hours.

The North Shield Pub: The 24-hour Pub is available for UK Premier League and Turkish League matches. Pool Bar: It serves between 09: 00-18: 00 hours.

Pool Snack: Available between 11: 00-18: 00 hours.

Egzotica Bar: It serves in the Spa between 07: 00-21: 00 hours.

Bowling Bar: Available between 12: 00-24: 00 hours.

*** Services may change periodically.
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